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By Signing up, you agree to our privacy policy. Make a game out of geography with this activity. Arrange students into groups of four. Provide each group with a globe or a detailed map. That map might be a map of your town or state, the country, or the world -- depending on the focus of the curriculum at your grade level.

Have students in each group select a location on the map. After students have selected a location, start with the first team. That team fields yes or no questions from the other teams, one question at a time. Team 2 asks a question first, then Team 3, 4. The questions might start out general and get more specific. You or a specified game leader monitors the questions asked to make sure they are fair questions. For example, if students are working with world maps, questions might include:.

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As questions are asked, team members refer to their maps and agree on a response. If they give a "Yes" answer, the team that asked the question can choose to make a guess as to the name of the specific place. If the team guesses correctly, they earn five points.

If the guess is incorrect, the next team asks a question that will help identify the place. After Team 1's place is guessed, it is Team 2's turn to answer questions about the place it selected; Team 3 begins the questioning. Leave this field blank. Search Search. Newsletter Sign Up. Search form Search.

Objectives Students will work cooperatively. Keywords geography, world, game Materials Needed a map or globe for each team Lesson Plan Make a game out of geography with this activity.

If you are studying your city or town, they might select a specific location within the city or town. If you are studying your state, students might select a town within the state.

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Older students might select a country on a world map. For example, if students are working with world maps, questions might include: Is the place on the continent of Africa? Is the place north of the equator? Is the place east of Mali? Is part of the country located between 10 and 20 degrees South latitude?

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If students are working with a local map, questions might include: Is the place on the east side of town? Is the place north of Liberty Street? Can you see Blue Lake from this place?

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Does the place begin with the letter B? More Game Suggestions When it is a team's turn to ask a question, 1 students on each team might work together to create questions and give responses, or 2 one student at a time might ask a question. If the latter is the case, students on each team need to establish a sequence of players within their team, so each player asks one question before any player asks a second question.

Assessment The team with the most points at the end of the game wins. Scroll down or click for work sheet text and answer key. Click for our archive of Every-Day Edit activities from previous weeks.Speak now. Sample Question. Compass Map. Good Luck! Maps And Mapping. Prime Meridian. International Date Line. Arctic Circle. North Pole. The Globe Theatre. Because the focus of a Shakespearean production was on the acting and storyline, Shakespeare's stage was simple but used effectively.

Here's a quick quiz to see what you recall about the significance of portions of To tell if air was circulating. To announce that a play would be on for that day.

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Show the king's support for acting. Globes mainly show us continents and oceans. A globe is a spherical tool that people use to find places. Instead of using a map, the globe rotates around on a stand. The globe shows the outline of each continent which are usually different colors and. What is a globe?

Latitude and Longitude - Time Zones - Video for Kids

A globe is a small replica of the earth having an equivalent shape to the earth. On a globe, you can see the continents and oceans. Usually, the globe is colored with the continents or countries colored different colors and outlined in black. The oce. What are the two farthest north and south points on the globe?

The two farthest north and south points on the globe are the North Pole and the South Pole. Although they both can be found at the ends of the Earth, they differ in so many ways.

For example, each of their temperature is different from each other.Your work is tooo good and most helpful. I like it but these questions are in ncert book not in private book that's why I didn't like it too much but some questions are same.

globe related questions

We love to hear your thoughts about this post! Answer : The true shape of the earth is geoid. The earth is slightly flattened at the North and South poles and bulges in the middle. On the globe countries, continents and oceans are shown according to their correct size. Answer : Latitudes are imaginary lines drawn from west to east on the globe.

These lines help us to find the location of places on the surface of the earth. Answer : Latitudes are drawn east to west and longitudes are drawn north to south on the globe.

The lines of references running from the North Pole to the South Pole are called meridians of longitudes. The mid-day Sun is exactly overhead at least once a year on all the latitudes in this area; therefore, this area receives maximum amount of heat. Answer : The meridian which passes through Greenwich where the British Royal observatory is located is called Prime Meridian. Posted by www. Labels: class6-sstudies. Unknown 6 March at Unknown 24 May at Unknown 23 July at Unknown 30 July at Unknown 9 August at Anonymous 16 August at TheMagnificentMe 15 September at Anonymous 19 September at Unknown 24 September at R 30 September at Unknown 7 March at Unknown 14 September at Unknown 29 May at Unknown 9 October at Newer Post Older Post Home.

Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.Six days have passed since college student Maura Murray crashed her car on a rural highway in northern New Hampshire and disappeared without a trace. But as family, friends, and investigators continue their search for the year-old Hanson native, two questions continue to baffle them: Where was Murray going, and what was she running from? She had a dedicated boyfriend, a loving family, and close friends.

Her father, Frederick, had just told her he wanted to buy her a new car. But on Monday, Murray apparently decided she needed to get away from life for a while.

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globe related questions

Her family and friends, have since spent hours plastering missing posters and calling news agencies to get her picture and story out. New Hampshire State Police have posted her photo on national missing persons databases and have promised to follow any leads. So far, they have none. Get Metro Headlines in your inbox:. The 10 top local news stories from metro Boston and around New England delivered daily. Sign Up. Thank you for signing up! Sign up for more newsletters here.Wade to go.

Wade — the landmark decision that gives women the right to choose abortion. Addressing Roe v. There really is no question that these candidates will oppose Roe. They can say next to nothing; we all know the answer.

Call it the Bork effect. Wade contains almost no legal reasoning.

Globe Theatre

We are not told why it abortion is a private act — and if it is, there are lots of private acts that are not protected — why this one is protected. It also ended the desire of future Supreme Court nominees who might share his beliefs to express them, out of fear of derailing their own nominations.

During his confirmation hearing infor example, Clarence Thomas said he believed Americans had a constitutional right to privacy, but declined to tell the Senate Judiciary Committee whether he believed the Constitution provided a right to an abortion. Wade was wrongly decided.

Some argue that clarity runs up against the need for Supreme Court justices to be able to apply laws to real facts that come before them. Unfortunately, the last thing Trump seems to care about is judicial independence and integrity. He has shown that his priority is Trump, and survival on Election Day. To that end, he has been touting a mission to end legal abortion by reshaping the court to appeal to his base as a path to a second term.

Editorials represent the views of the Boston Globe Editorial Board. Follow us on Twitter at GlobeOpinion. More from Globe Opinion. Email to a Friend. View Comments.Home Employee Engagement. Employee satisfaction survey is a powerful survey that Human Resource Managers can use to understand the level of satisfaction of the employees.

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The platform has 3 distinctive employee satisfaction survey types, each with the option to create a survey from scratch or select a ready-made staff survey template and simply editing it to suit your needs :. Remember to use the below elements before designing and conducting an workforce satisfaction survey.Thermometer readings are collected from many thousands of weather stations around the world—over land and ocean—and then used to produce a global average temperature for each year.

The resulting series of annual averages of global temperature from to show that Earth has warmed by 1. These oscillations and other similar phenomena can influence weather and climate patterns around the globe. Earth has warmed by 1. If the globe is still warming, then why are some locations not warming while others have experienced cooling? The 1.

Differences in exposure to sunlight, cloud cover, atmospheric circulation patterns, aerosol concentrations, atmospheric humidity, land surface cover, etc. These differences influence whether and how much a location is warming or cooling.

Can historical temperature data records be trusted? Haven't they been skewed by non-climate factors like instrument changes and "urban heat islands"? Our global historical temperature records can be trusted to represent changes in Earth's temperature over long time periods.

Different scientific and technical teams in the United States and other countries have assessed weather stations' historical temperature data and concluded that the data are of high quality and are well suited for studies of global temperature changes from to If ignored, non-climate factors can skew individual stations' data records by sometimes introducing an "artificial" cooling trend and sometimes introducing an "artificial" warming trend.

globe related questions

But these and other known problems have not been ignored; rather, steps have been taken to remove or minimize non-climate impacts on the long-term records. These steps are well documented and have been undertaken in a transparent way.

globe related questions

In cases where there is reason to believe that station data contain significant errors that cannot be corrected, those data are removed from national and global averages. Although the possibility of unknown or uncorrected errors in the land surface temperature data cannot be completely excluded, many other lines of evidence confirm that our world has warmed over multiple decades:.

A global warming of 1. Why is this change in global temperature a concern? It's important to recognize that weather and climate are related but they are different things. Daily temperature swings of tens of degrees at a given location are common weather-driven events. But when measurements of the daily high and low temperatures in many thousands of locations all over the world—on land and ocean—are examined for an entire year and then averaged together, the Earth's annual average temperatures from year to year are found to be very stable when the climate isn't changing.

In a geological context, a 1. This warming is important because it increases the probabilities of extreme weather and climate events. If global warming were to stop now, its most potentially serious problems would be prevented.

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However, global warming is expected to continue at an increasing rate. In several decades our world is likely to become warmer than it's been for over a million years, with unpredictable consequences. It's also important to recognize that Earth is not warming uniformly, nor is it expected to. Middle and high latitudes in general change more than the tropics, and land surface temperatures change more than ocean temperatures.

Over the long term, land masses at the latitude of the United States are expected to warm much more than the global average. Yes, human activities have increased the abundance of heat-trapping gases in the atmospherewhich a large majority of climate scientists agree is the main reason for the 1.

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